‘Art Needs Me To Speak Too’ creates alternative audio guides, to those traditionally used in gallery spaces. We capture young people’s ideas, discussion and critique of public art and make them accessible to gallery visitors via a QR code.

Our experimental audio pieces are the product of a series of creative workshops, in gallery spaces, with young people who are not familiar with art or galleries. During the workshops we collaboratively explore and respond to a single exhibition and its artist or artists.

Our workshops are carefully designed to encourage a group of young people (11-13yrs) to discuss and respond to an exhibition through play, debate, collage and storytelling. Each workshop will be sound recorded and subsequently edited into an ‘audio guide’. The young people are encouraged to bring their own cultural references and experiences to the workshops and the finished audio piece will be a collage of background noises, dialogue, clips from references discussed and audio recorded by the young people outside the workshops that they have collected in response to individual works.

Funded By
︎︎︎Grand Plan Fund